Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SOLC 9/31

I believe deep down in my heart there is nothing sweeter than little girl giggles. I don't mean the quiet tee-hee hiding behind a hand over the mouth, but the kind that erupt from your belly. They escape from your lips with such gusto that the edges of your eyes crinkle.  These laughs are the kind of laughs that prevent your body from staying still. The giggles shake your shoulders, elbows, and legs.  When these laughs bubble forth it is infectious and others begin to laugh too. They may start out small, but eventually they too have a good ol' case of the giggles.


  1. I have a sound lotto game at school that has a sound and picture of two girls giggling - it is amazingly infectious! Every time the tape plays that sound my students giggle!

  2. Capturing the sound of giggles -- a perfect idea for a slice.
    Happy writing,