Thursday, March 3, 2011

SOLC 3/31

Motherhood.  We all didn't know what to expect.  Each child is different.  Each way to rear them is different.  Tonight I went to a meeting for children with special needs. I have to admit I was very excited to go.  It was about looking to their future. As I was driving toward the school I began to feel as if I  was trying to gaze into Emma's future with a crystal ball, but it was fuzzy. I know where she is at right now, but I'm not sure what happens at 16 or 20.   As the meeting progressed the coordinators, parents of adults who have special needs, and support staff really did help me see what the future might hold for my daughter. Please don't mistake me for the one who believes my daughter can't do anything. That is not what I'm saying...I'm saying the opportunities that have happened in the last ten years has grown exponentially and all that is available to her now was discussed.  Gazing into the ball made my heart quicken. Especially when things like marriage, driving, job coaches are mentioned.  I want these things for my daughter, and it all feels within her grasp.   Last night I realized how much and how many people support my daughter and me.  As she continues on her journey to the workforce, there are so many opportunities for her.  The future is scary for all of us at times. But, I don't feel scared for her. I feel at peace. I'm enjoying gazing into the crystal ball of Emma's future and predicting what I will see.  Seven years ago when she was born and we found out she had Down syndrome the future seemed so uncertain.  But, now I see her life. I see a beautiful lady who loves fries.  I wouldn't be surprised if she were to come up with some new recipe for spicy fries.  Right now I see a young lady who loves books and I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted to read to others especially little kids. Right now I see someone who loves others.  I wouldn't be surprised if she worked in a retirement home helping others during the day. Right now I see endless possibilities.  I love my crystal ball. Gazing, hoping, dreaming.

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  1. Your entry reminded me of my own journey as the mom of a special needs child. And it is amazing how the future for our children changes all the time, but I think my responsibility as a parent to be aware of all the windows and doors has been huge!

  2. This was such a beutiful slice - so filled with love. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. As a mom myself, I look into that crystal ball all of the time. I loved this post; the optimism and love it conveyed for your daughter.