Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SOLC 1/31

There are days that are stressful. There are days that are blissful. There are days when I sigh as my head hits the pillow.  Today was a wonderful day with my Gracie-Goose.  She and I had so much fun. I was originally supposed to have Jury Duty, but the judge let me postpone it until after state mandated testing. So I spent the rest of the day with my little one.  We ran errands, went shopping, ate chocolate cake.  FUN!  Then it was bath time. Blissfulness rudely ends. My temper flares because her demeanor change was so unexpected.  In my flurry of evening  routine I smartly reply to Grace, "Zip your mouth!"  She looks at me strangely and I walk out of her room to finish getting  her sister ready for bed. I hear, "How? I don't have any zippers!!!"  screamed down the hallway.  Touche!  Mommy has learned her lesson and found the zipper to her own mouth!!  It's called the Gracie!

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  1. Dear Lynnelle,
    I adore the honesty of your post. I definitely know how disappointing a good day gone south can be. I think you are brave to write about it. This is what makes a good writer - looking into the rough moments and finding the beauty.

    Happy Writing,

  2. Ha! Too often I find it is ME needing to follow my own advice when the "blissfulness rudely ends." Thanks for being so candid. Looking forward to slicing alongside you this month.
    Happy writing,

  3. Love the way kids cut right to the chase...glad that the greater part of the day was pure bliss, though.