Friday, March 11, 2011

SOLC 11/31

"Mommy, wait until you see the party I made for you!" Gracie said as I walked in from work.

I go into her room and see a beautifully decorated table with her "spotted" blanket.  Jeweled necklaces surround the places where the tea cups are placed.  Each chair has a loved one it: bunny, Pete the Cat, and two places left empty. One for me and one for  her.

Emma comes in and I give up my seat so two sisters can play.

"Here you go! More tea for you pretty princess," I hear Gracie order her older sibling.

"Thank you Princess!" whispers Emma.

The dialogue goes back and forth as tea is passed. Cookies are eaten. Everyone is content and happy at the Snow Girl Tea Party.


  1. What a sweet moment to capture! Referring to the stuffed animals as "loved ones" made me smile. They truly are the loved ones.