Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gender Poetry

This year my teammate and I have had flexible groupings within the team. Meaning we each have a homeroom, but we mix the kids up according to standards that need to be taught.  So today I asked her if we could mix the kids up this week. I am so excited because she didn't say no when I asked if we could group them according to gender.  A teacher at my site has done this before and it was very successful. I am so excited to try it.  My morning LA/SS will be girls and my afternoon will be all boys.

Boys and girls approach writing differently and they write about different topics.  I am hoping that this will allow my boys to feel more comfortable as we approach free verse writing this week.

I am the mother of girls, but I have a  secret...I LOVE to teach boys.  I love their humor and openness that they bring to the table.  I'm anxious to see how tomorrow goes!!

If you are interested in learning more about boy writers, check out Ralph Fletcher's book Boy Writer's: Reclaiming Their Voices.

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