Saturday, March 5, 2011

SOLC 5/31

I can do this I tell myself as I unload the sleeping bag, pillow, and overnight bag.  I turn around open Emma's car door. "We are here!!!" I screech.  Emma jumps down out of the car and begins to run up the driveway barely stopping to grab her new princess sleeping bag.

"Paige's house!"  She yells.  Gracie tags along behind her.  They run through the front door.

"I here Paige!"  Emma says with great gusto.  My heart leaps with joy as all the pinkalicous princesses come out to greet Emma and get her situated at her first sleep over.  These are great friends  as my mind relaxes with realization that she is going to do just fine.  Her friends are wonderful to her. They allow her to be herself and even give them nicknames that have nothing to do with their real names.  Great friends who are always there for Emma and understand that life moves at a different pace, but see her genuinely sweet heart. Thank you, Eddie, aka Paige!


  1. What a special moment. My oldest is eager for his first sleep over. I think the jitters are in my stomach and not his. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Lynnelle,
    Nice to see your spiffy blog up and running Slices. What a wonderful thing, to know your daughter has good and kind friends.

  3. The question is how was your night? Letting them travel on without us is hard for mom.

  4. My daughter had her first sleep over back in August. I remember waiting and waiting for the cal that she wanted to come home and finally realizing that she was just fine without me.

    It sounds like your daughter has some great friends.

  5. Oh this brings back memories! I was so worried the first time my special needs son spent the night at someone's house! I had been so thrilled the first time my daughter was invited for a sleep over - it is such a rite of passage - for children and their parents!