Friday, March 25, 2011


It's not often that a person has the opportunity to see yourself through someone else's eyes.  It seems today the Creator decided I needed such a glimpse.

"Ms. Snow, I realize we aren't quite ready for sharing circle, but I really want to share my poem with you, " A said.

"Sure, sweetie!" I lean forward and grab her notebook.

Ms. Snow is like a dandelion happy to see  me.
She works hard each day just so I know she loves me.
Glad she's there everyday.
This is my teacher.
Ms. Snow

My eyes glisten as I hand back  her notebook. "You have just made my day absolutely perfect."

Thank you for these moments when our hearts are heavy and are lightened by a few words from a 10 year old.


  1. Being like a dandelion is the best thing. Nice gift of writing you were given.

  2. I love the accompanying image. What a cool moment for you to carry in your heart! That will fuel you for weeks to come.

  3. I'll bet that student has no idea how appropriate the comparison of a teacher to a dandelion is - not that we are weeds but that the seeds of our endeavors are everywhere! Would our students would prosper like weeds!