Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

My List of Thanks

thankful that I still believe dreams come true
and all it takes is to jump, believe, and trust.

thankful for two girls who make my life crazy,
fun, and filled with laughter.

thankful that I look into 22 pairs of eyes each day
and know that they need me and I need them.

thanks to the mom who taught me that being me
is a great thing.

full of thanks for an aunt that checks on me, loves me
for me, and always knows when I need just a little
something extra.

thankful that I listen to my heart more than my brain.

thankful that I can see life through eyes
that are filled with happiness.

thankful for new friends and old friends and my best friend.

thankful for the ability to laugh at myself

thankful that I've had another year to live my life
filled with love, laughter, and luck!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love to Learn

A teacher as a
is an interesting thing...

She is used to constant

Sitting is not easy
in fact
D I F F I C U L T.

But learning
and her

Conferring With Readers and Writers

Ahh, I have still been searching for the best way to confer with readers and writers.  I was surfing on different teacher blogs and came across a great idea of using labels to keep the notes.  I wish I could find her blog now. :( 

When I confer with a student my job is to teach a min-lesson within that moment that will go with him as a reader or writer.   

Conferring is a time to do the following

1) Build rapport.
2) Research the teaching point.
3) Compliment
5)Send to read or write.

 I am really loving my lables.  They fit Avery 8660 .

Conferring Labels

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Better Day

Wrapping up conferences and spending the weekend with the people I love the most helped me to realize that even though I am still yet life is perfect the way it is.  I have fabulous girls that are meeting their goals and pushing forward with their life.  I hope they see me for who I am; the one who loves them and wants only the best and is willing to sacrifice what ever it takes to ensure that they have everything they need.

Fall arrived full force today bringing rains and COLD weather...however yesterday I was able to capture day in the sun.

I am so glad that I didn't choose to allow fear to consume me and not try it on my own.  I am relieved that I have friends and family who stand by me each day.  I will not allow others to make me feel inferior.  I am happy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sticky Notes With Second Graders

So I've been gradually introducing sticky notes to my second graders.  All my students are currently working on individual goals set by their interest and me guiding them to what I think they need to work on.

They are keeping track of their thinking and then sharing with me.  What have I seen as a result? Excellent retellings of their text!!!!

I am so excited because this is an area that they are expected to master by the end of second grade!!

Sticky away!!!