Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"Mommy! My balloon!" I hear Emma yell from the back yard.  We had watched Up after she came home from school and she was now pretending her balloon was flying her to exotic places around the world.  The balloon had rounded the corner of the house and she was running to it as fast as she could.  When I made it to her I turned and saw Gracie with the blue balloon in hand wind blowing her hair with a smile from ear to ear. "I saved it! Here!" she says to Emma.  Sisterhood in action.  Who knew younger sister would save the day.  Look out Wonder Woman.


  1. I just love watching little ones use their imagination. If only we could keep that longer instead of letting it float away like a balloon.

  2. I love your slice! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure the younger one was so happy to help! Happy slicing! :)