Saturday, March 12, 2011

SOLC 12/31

Authors note:  Signs of Spring Break was the original title.  It has now changed to Perceptions Brought to You by a Single Mom or Might Kill A Pug...not quite sure yet. :-)

Relaxing with the dog after a beautiful morning outside.  Then said dog ran out the front door and was chased around the neighborhood. Thankfully a kind neighbor saw me streak down the street chasing after the flashing dot of a dog and followed us in his car.  Izzy went to him and Kind Neighbor drove us home (Yes that's how far we traveled.) Owner is now thinking dog deserves a spring break at the puppy spa. 


  1. She's so cute in the picture, but your slice makes her out to be a terror.

    Is it your spring break already?

  2. Yes. Our Spring Break is earlier than in many of the other areas of the U.S. Our last day is the last Friday in May too.

    Izzy Bea is very loved, very adorable, and very ornery. :-)