Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi, my name is Lynnelle and I am a teacher nerd.  I am the one who has her PDSA already completed for the 2011-12 school. I am the one who LOVES to figure out what assessment tools to use. I am the one who reads at least 10-15 professional books a year. I am a nerd and and today I was able to sit and be nerdy all day while working with fellow staff members at "Unwrapping" the Standards with Larry Ainsworth.  It was a powerful day full of ideas and the realization that many of the things that happen in my classroom are best practices.  BUT the areas I need to work on which is establishing the BIG ideas and making sure  my students make those connections THROUGHOUT the school year is an area I need to work on.  So being the nerd that I am I have already begun working on what I will do with my next unit of study.  Bring on the inner teaching nerd!


  1. WooHoo! I wish we could have a great talk. Would love to hear your thoughts about different things in education. Good for you for the continuous learning; isn't that what teachers do?

  2. This sounds like the work our district is doing. I don't think I read as much as you do but I sure love all the puzzle work you describe - it is totally stimulating to me too.