Thursday, May 26, 2016

Writing Time

There are so many times I've thought in the last few years, I need to write again. I need to put my ramblings, musings, and thoughts down. 

The last three years my role changed from a classroom teacher to a special education teacher.  With this role change, my time in certain areas decreased  became focused on reading.  I've been reading and working on conferring and small group instruction.

In January, I began working on writing with a few kids in an intervention group.  How I missed walking though the steps of writing and ending with a true piece from the heart.

Today, as I was perusing Facebook I saw an obituary of a wonderful professor who taught me my words are important even if I don't stick to the true and tried system of writing:  thesis statement, detail, detail, detail, concluding statement.  He planted a seed of belief that my stories in my life were important.  Once I became a teacher and began working with Donald Graves and Lucy Calkins' ideas about writing. It truly changed me as a writer.  But, it all began with Jim Wilcox when he let me write from the heart.  Thank you.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Open Letter to Barressi

Dear Janet,

When was the last time you sat with a child who truly struggled with reading? Each time she sat down to attempt a sound or a letter she would burst into tears and say "I can't do this! I never will because I am a stupid girl?" Have you ever read a page in a book and the words on the page jumped around and you couldn't read it?

Bottom line: Nope. Nada. You clean teeth and fill cavities.

I'll be honest the issue is not teachers. First, the issue is funding. The Reading Sufficiency Act has never been properly funded. How can teachers "fix" the issue if they aren't provided the funds so the help will become available.

Second, you have blindly avoided research and discriminated against ELL students. Research shows that it takes 8 years to become proficient in a new language.

Finally, you assume that disability means stupidity. Adults and students know they have a learning challenge. They do not need the word FAIL written across a grade level. They know each day what it means to fail. However, these children who have the disability have such gumption that they grow many levels within the school year, but not enough to master your little Pearson test.  Just fyi, 20% of the population in the US are considered disabled.  If 33% of TPS students failed the do the math, if you can, of which two categories primarily make up this 33%.

I'll be honest. I didn't vote for you the first time. Sure don't plan on it this time, but this time you made things personal. You told my students and my child with a disability that they are worthless. They mean nothing but a cut score of 23 or higher.

Do you know what I see? I see the child who at age 3 cried herself to sleep because her mommy didn't know and understand sensory processing disorder. I hear a child who meets with her speech language pathologist each Tuesday read words for the first time and then one day in the teachers lounge announces, "That says Open Slowly." I see fighter who now sees herself as a reader, a writer, and a learner. Why? Her teacher scaffolded and believed and worked. Shame on you for belittling this little one's excitement because the moment she saw the word FAILED she decided the fight wasn't worth it after all.



Monday, March 3, 2014

Slice of Life Challenge Day 3 of 31

A snow day today was a gift.
Lazy to the max,
PJs, Pb & J's,
Fries, Giggles, and fun.

This pretty much sums up my day that was spent with my girls as the world awakened to a few inches of snow and ice.  I am thankful for a day that was slow.  It gave me a time to breathe.  Breathing in the time to renew and prepare for the week ahead.

If you too would like to join the monthly challenge, take a look at Two Writing Teachers

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I always go silent on my blog when there are changes in my life.  Summer ends for me very soon, as I begin my new chapter in my teaching life.   I am proud to say that my dream has come true.  After nine years of wanting to be a teacher in the field of education, I finally earned a job in the area!!  I'm so excited to work with these new teachers and district!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Letting Go

time to put you away
one day

what i want is to feel
feel loved
to be passionate about

but not you.
you chose her.
not me.

Friday, March 29, 2013

29/31 SOLC

It seems my life and the emotions and heartache and love can always be expressed by some musician or lyricist.  It's not usually something that I write...I keep it all bottled up so no one can see it or hear it or read it.  It's not interesting, but I've successfully avoided it for 29 days.

the one

he lied
i gave all i had for years
he lied
and revealed
my life was a lie
no love
never loved
world is turned
he lied.

by piece
put back
be careful
don't look to
 you will see
the ridges
the wounds that
are still on the surface.

be gentle
be careful
for she lies
she says she's fine
she says she doesn't
she says she cares for
no one
but she lies.

she lies
because of fear
she lies because
the pieces won't
make it through
another break.
 she lies because
she's guarding
she doesn't want
him to see.

You know
the one.
The one that stared
into her eyes and saw
and still said
he saw beauty.
he said he saw
his kiss
burning on
her lips.
his words echoing
in her ears.
you know this one.
the one she believed
but shouldn't have.

for you see
this girl
she pretends
to be strong
she pretends that
she doesn't need love
but she lies.

her heart yearns
for it
her heart doesn't
want to be unloved
we weren't created
to walk by ourselves.
we were created
to love.

but her heart
when put back
together only aches now
for she never
thought it would be alone.
there was no one by
her side to comfort her
her soul was mourning and
she was alone
no arm of comfort
no kiss on the forehead
or words "it will be better

her soul
her soul
doesn't lie
she just needs
the one.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

28/31 SOLC

John 13:34-35
New International Version (NIV)
34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

It's really hard these days on Facebook so many people full of hypocrisy by flaunting the Bible in everyone's face. It seems they are forgetting the very essence of Jesus...which is love.  It saddens me that we can't see beyond the need of hell and condemnation to actually show love.  

I hope when people see me or talk to me they see love.  I've been very luck and for the most part have been accepted for who I am flaws and all.  We are all flawed.  Why small minded people are busy pointing out sins when they have their own I will not understand.  My heart aches for the people who hear these things or read these things and then believe that all people think this way. 

We are all human.  We all experience the same emotions.  Yet we are all unique individuals.  We are all flawed. 

I've battled with the idea of perfection and why did I feel the need to be perfect.  It's taken me many, many years to realize that God/Jesus nor my parents were asking me to be perfect.  But the "world" was.  The Christian world I percieved.  The one where you screw up and your burning in hell. You drink or dance and your going to hell in a fuschia colored hand basket. 

I've accepted who I am, flaws and all, so shouldn't I accept others?  Emitting love isn't something that is easy. Some people are difficult to love, but the fact is this is the one thing Jesus asked us to.  LOVE ONE ANOTHER for this is how HE knows you are his.  Is the Judeo-Christian world embracing this? 

I can't control them. I can only control my heart and what I choose to say and do each day.  I know for me not being loved or recieving love would be devastating.  So I choose to give it.  Put away your condemnation. Put away your hate.  Leave your bigotry behind.  Choose to love one another.  It's very simple, but I have a have to love yourself first.  (But that's another blog post :-))