Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fabulousness at the Bowling Alley

First dates are interesting.  Well, at least I think so.  I'm not really nervous...more excited about what might happen and where it might go.  This first date was at a bowling alley.  I admitted straight up that at a real bowling alley I kinda stunk at bowling. But, who cares.  I arrived at what I thought was the entrance.  I knew he was there, but he still hadn't walked through the front doors.  And I get text, "Are you wearing a red shirt?" I turn around and he's been watching me text my last minute peeps that went along the lines of, "If you don't here from me in two hours call the popo." I immediately laugh and try to crawl out of my embarrassing hole.

It was a little while before we finally got a lane to bowl in so we chatted and then a lane became available.  We were seated next to a family with three girls.  They were adorable little care free bundles of joy to watch and talk to.  He and I were including them in our conversation. Well, actually the 8 year old heard him say,"I really am not trying to beat you at bowling...I don't want you to have to pay for dinner."  I laughed and replied, "Well, I'm much better at Wii bowling...score a strike every time."

Then I hear this little voice ask, "Are you two dating?" I turn and gaze into her chocolate brown eyes and giggle, "Well, actually this is our first date."

"Oh, no wonder you look so fabulous at a bowling alley!!!" she exclaimed.

I burst out laughing while her  horrified mother tried to shush her.  I mean I did have my big Texas hair going on, perfumed up, with full makeup, and jewelry.  I did happen to leave the pumps at home, but regardless if I go on a date with him again.  I will forever know I am FABULOUS because an 8 year old told me so.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Read, Read, Read!

The Truth

The truth seems to catch people off guard.  It surprises me still when people choose to lie.  When people choose to say hurtful things that serve no other purpose than to wound.

I think what truly amazes me the most that even after all our years in the journey called life some adults still expect perfection.  The will say "we are all a work in progress,"  but when life gets dirty messy, and dramatic.  When one decides to say ok I will put the walls down they make a demand: Perfection. 

Perfection what a silly word to apply to people becuase to be honest....we all like to watch the hot mess of life.  We like to solve through the problems 

So what is the truth about me? I am a hot mess!!  I am in love with 21 second graders who remind me each day that life is wonderful, amazing, and beautiful.  I am a crazy woman in a blended family who really likes her ex's new wife.   I am the perfectionist trying to show her six year old that mistakes happen and we survive.  I am NOT perfect!  I am a so glad I am the stinkin' hott mess that I am...because let's face it...it's not boring and usually filled with laughter.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Work In Progress

As a teacher I understand that the little people I am blessed to have in my classroom each day are not perfect.  I do not expect them to be perfect.  I start my year making sure that my kids know that I am not Mary Poppins, nor do I demand that everything that they do be correct/perfect.  We learn from our mistakes.

I've been called on the carpet for not allowing my own imperfections and flaws to just be out in the open.  And SHOCKER, to accept them.  I don't know why  I am so hard on myself.  I always have been from the time I was teeny.

In my freshman year of college after working every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with a prof on my assignments I still only pulled a C instead of my usual A or B, I called my mom distraught. I just knew my parents were going to be mad.  I was amazed when my mother said, "Did you try and do your best?" My reply was a resounding, "YES!"  At that moment it HIT me. That's all anyone asks.

But somewhere between what I know and what I preach my brain says, "Yes, but this doesn't apply to you." And really this is when you have to CHOOSE to STOP saying these things.

Then I heard we are all really just a work in progress. Oh. Em. Gee.  This is amazing.  I swear I've felt like I've been in the audience of an Oprah show and witnessed an AHHH, HAAA  moment.

When I look into my little girls' eyes I do not expect them to be perfect.  In fact it's the exact opposite.  I don't mind their mistakes because I know they are learning.   But aren't I learning about life also?  I may be ahem...35, but I do not have life figured out.  Making mistakes happens. Perfection is not demanded by anyone in my circle.  Therefore, letting go and just being is what I need to do I WILL DO!!!