Monday, March 4, 2013

4/31 SOLC Shine Bright, My Love

My youngest daughter, Grace, takes dance lessons. We were listening to Diamonds by Rhianna and every time the chorus came on Grace would drop to the floor, gently bring her body up raising her arms to the sky at the phrase "shine bright".

Watching her interpret this song makes me wish that she will always shine as brightly as she did in that moment. She is such a warm, sensitive loving girl. I want to protect her heart for as long as I can.

Grace has been experiencing some not so great moments at school with people saying "loser" and "flippy" (no clue what that means).  Teaching a six year old not yell, "You are a sad person with a sad mommy told me so" is really what we are working on.  Note:  It really was a great example of why people bully, it just backfired. :-) 

My prayer, my heart yearns for the time when no child is destroyed by bullying, mistreatment, or neglect. I can only hope my diamond is truly strong enough not to scratch.

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