Sunday, March 17, 2013

17/31 SOLC

Ugh, I had the post written out and deleted the wrong one.  Sigh! 

Today is a blah day.  Yesterday's memories of sunlight beating down on my cheeks.  The smell of cut grass and the sound of children at play outside are just memories because today is cold and misty.

Spring is routinely a time of renewal for me.  I think the reason this spring is so hard is because I had plans to implement my dream this summer.  But I allowed things to get in the way.

Fear of losing my kids.

Fear of leaving loved ones behind.

Fear of failure.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear can't be a part of my life. I have to make the decision to move myself forward professionally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is my choice. My chance.

It's time to jump and go beyond dreaming to actually "doing" the change.


  1. I've felt this way before. It's not good, but understandable. I vote that you go for it!

  2. We stop ourselves many times from fear. The good news is you realize it--first step to coming up with a solution, right? Good luck.

  3. There is a time when we just need to make that leap and go for it. This seems to be that time for you. Put the fear behind you and jump! Praying all goes well.

  4. I hope you will be able to conquer the fear and implement your dream with your girls beside you.