Friday, March 29, 2013

29/31 SOLC

It seems my life and the emotions and heartache and love can always be expressed by some musician or lyricist.  It's not usually something that I write...I keep it all bottled up so no one can see it or hear it or read it.  It's not interesting, but I've successfully avoided it for 29 days.

the one

he lied
i gave all i had for years
he lied
and revealed
my life was a lie
no love
never loved
world is turned
he lied.

by piece
put back
be careful
don't look to
 you will see
the ridges
the wounds that
are still on the surface.

be gentle
be careful
for she lies
she says she's fine
she says she doesn't
she says she cares for
no one
but she lies.

she lies
because of fear
she lies because
the pieces won't
make it through
another break.
 she lies because
she's guarding
she doesn't want
him to see.

You know
the one.
The one that stared
into her eyes and saw
and still said
he saw beauty.
he said he saw
his kiss
burning on
her lips.
his words echoing
in her ears.
you know this one.
the one she believed
but shouldn't have.

for you see
this girl
she pretends
to be strong
she pretends that
she doesn't need love
but she lies.

her heart yearns
for it
her heart doesn't
want to be unloved
we weren't created
to walk by ourselves.
we were created
to love.

but her heart
when put back
together only aches now
for she never
thought it would be alone.
there was no one by
her side to comfort her
her soul was mourning and
she was alone
no arm of comfort
no kiss on the forehead
or words "it will be better

her soul
her soul
doesn't lie
she just needs
the one.


  1. OMG - it is clear that this one is written from your heart. It paints a painful, raw image of how life can change when someone is not honest about their feelings. Your image of pain and strength and bravery all rolled into one person's reactions to someon's lies. I wish the kind of unconditional love from someone who is honest and are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. You craft a strong image that speaks to anyone who has loved and lost. I hope writing it will help you move forward.

  3. I am glad you have written your truth.

  4. strong word choice that painted an image of your true feelings. Just recall the last lines "her souls doesn't lie she just needs the one" The one to have faith and believe in is yourself! :) Best wishes.

  5. I can feel and see those ridges... those wounds that are still on the surface. They're present so that others can help you rebuild. They will never go away, but over time, perhaps they won't be felt as much.

    Thanks for writing with honesty today. It's so hard to do that. I shared something that was very hard to put out in the world today. Perhaps that's what the most challenging part of this Challenge is all about. Showing who we are, even when it's easier not to.

  6. I have been so behind in commenting this month. Volunteering to help track slicers has taken more time than I realized. Today, I finally found a moment and popped over to catch up. Now I am all choked up. This is a brave slice--brave to admit to yourself, brave to write, brave to post. This is the best thing about the slice of life challenge--that it pushes us beyond our comfort zones. That is how we grow. I hope this was as cathartic for you to write as it feels to read.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I almost didn't publish it, but I felt I was being dishonest. I felt so much better today!! :-)