Monday, March 11, 2013


Tonight I learned that my kids can break my heart into millions of pieces. Except I don't know the first step to putting it to back together because my girls are the reason I breathe.

My girls are the reason I divorced their dad. I didn't want them to think that an unhappy family was normal. I didn't want them to think it was okay to stay where a woman was not loved.

Now, I face the fact that my sacrifices. My love isn't enough. I can't compete with a step-mommy and daddy who make a complete family.

It's just me. I'm it. I just wish I was enough. But, reality is kids want a family. A mommy. A daddy. Both. I can't give them that.


  1. By being a loving Mommy you are giving them a family. I don't know the ages of your daughters, but children are quite perceptive and know their parent's limitations...that you are a single mother...that things might be a bit harder...but there is still the love, and they will someday see the sacrifices. Let them enjoy their father's they feel your support...As long as they know you love them...they will return that love. Your post makes me want to lend my shoulder to you. Jackie

  2. Lynelle, you are enough. Your love for your girls will heal your heart that has broken apart. Be strong.