Monday, October 1, 2012

Life with a Little Something Extra Day 1/31

Last weekend Emma had her first Special Olympic event. She had a wonderful peer buddy, Miss B.  She was FABULOUS!  What I loved most about this event is that Emma was able to shine.  She felt important.  Supported by her "team." And happy. 

I hear so often that happiness is found in people with Down syndrome.  This used to really bother me and I would reply, "Absolutely, they have found that happiness is  attritubed to her extra chromosome."  Or some other snarky comment. Now I've realized that it isn't about her happiness, but the happiness she brings to others.

She loves.  She loves innocently and whole-heartedly. 

As adults we are guarded. We know what a cruel place the world really is.  We know that when you love you lose sometimes and then comes a broken heart. 

Emma hasn't experienced heart ache yet. I wish I could protect her forever so that the innocence will stay permanently. But, alas this is a part of growing up.

But, I find happiness in the fact that she is loved by many.  She finds happiness in the safety that she is accepted....for all her wonderful things.

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