Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time and Tenderness

As a grade level we believe it is important that students be independent.  Really isn't that one of the tenants of teacher?  We want our students to work effectively at a rate so that they are prepared to keep up with the stamina of the next grade.

This week one of my students reminded that with expectation of independence we also expect proficiency.  Students work at different rates.  This is a fact.  I sat the young person down to explain that the speed at which we finish tasks doesn't mean that the work is 100%.  We need to do our best on our work, not complete work at an exponential rate.

The look on the young person's face was priceless.  The anxiety lifted and work resumed.  Teachers, I implore you to remember the practices we use in the classroom may need accommodations in the classroom. Don't expect all the students to be the same because as luck would have it we are all uniquely different and gifted in our own areas.

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