Thursday, August 16, 2012

What I've Always Imagined

When Emma was born I had to adjust my dreams for her.  I still have dreams and goals for her.  They are just different now.  She had a great first day of 3rd grade!  What I love is I heard from one of her teachers that she had a wonderful day!  She saw her favorite paras and friends!!  To me that is a perfect day in 3rd grade.

One of things in life I never expected was to hear that my youngest child had language delays.  I mean this can't happen twice can it?  Instead of sweeping them under the rug. I asked for help.  Found a private school that would be able to meet her needs. Hired a speech pathologist for the summer.

 Today was astounding.  I heard about the book that was read by her teacher.  The beginning, middle, and the end.  This is the first time EVER Grace has talked about real reading at school.  I am so happy. My child received a happy face.  This mommy has a huge happy face.  SUCCESS!!! Grace was zipping around the house. Skipping and singing about loving Miss Ward and school. I wanted to weep for joy.  This is what school should be like for kids. 

This is where I want to get on my soapbox.  As constituents we need to contact our State Legislatures and let them know how class size effects how children perceive themselves and their teacher.  This has just been one day.  One day in a class that has a reduced size and my child already feels the difference.  The Dentist Baressi can't expect teachers to perform miracles in the classroom.  She needs to fund the schools at the level that is expected.  Allow the professionals to do their jobs with the money they need.  Ms. Baressi is receiving her money...allow the schools to receive theirs.

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