Thursday, August 2, 2012

SOLC: The Parched Soul

Tonight as I watched little children play at the splash pad.  We were all trying to not dry up.  The Earth is beaten down.  We all seem to be crumbling like the leaves on the trees as the heat unmercilessly beats upon us each day.  Pounding us with no relief. No water.  Just the painful heat. 

But tonight there was relief. Whether it was in the tiniest of puddles or in the muddy depths pretending to be a GI defending his fort.  Eventually the people at the splash pad faded and we were the only ones left.

My inner child could no longer withstand the longing to be in the water.  I ran out and jumped into the water.  Giggles exploding from my throat as I raced to beat J to the water.  My skin prickling as the water hit my hot skin.  Washing away the day.  The unbearable heat. Laughter from the kids echoed in my ears.  "Look out!"  Soon we were in a water war.  More giggles!  Belly laughs all around. 

The soul needs nourishment just as the Earth does.  I've been lucky I've found my mine whether through writing, friendship, or music. My soul finds what it needs.  There are times that it is troubled.  But, I was lucky this summer.  This summer my soul found solace in a place.  It found its muse again.  To that I'm very thankful.  The last year I've felt lost and as I begin to refocus on the school year and turning "35."  And figuring out how to accomplish my dreams.  Hoping they lead me to best place for my girls and I.  To the places and people I need to be around. 

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