Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SOLC Friendship

What exactly is friendship?  I would define it as someone who has been with me through thick and thin since I was 18.  The person who I met the first day of New Student Institute and we just knew that her Minnesotan attitude and my Oklahoma drawl belonged together.

Fast forward 16 years.  She 3 children later. Me two children and a divorce later; trying to figure out where and what my world has become. She always picks up her phone. She always answers her texts. She is there.  Always.

She knows what to say. When she doesn't she is still there.  Listening.  Tonight when I called her and she listened and we talked. I realize I am so glad that we have this friendship that has lasted 16 plus years.

She is my sister. She is my friend.  She is my confidante.  She tells me to believe in myself. She believes in me.  I love her.

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