Sunday, July 1, 2012

Princess to Bumpkin

Empire State Building
My last night in  NYC I couldn't sleep knowing I was leaving. Leaving behind the dream.  NYC has a pulse the entire city pulses sometimes quickly and other times slowly, but it has a constant life pulse.  I had felt like a NYC princess all week. Okay yes most of the week New Yorkers new immediately I wasn't from the area, but the more I explored the city and I do mean explored.  Hopping on a train knowing where I wanted to end up, but no expectations of who I would meet or what I might do when I arrived.  Just living to the pulse of the city.  I began to blend in more.  In fact three times I had several ask me what part of New York I was from.  It made my heart fill up and giggle with glee. Part of my heart wishes it was still there and still is there wandering the streets heading toward my favorite places.  Not the touristy places, but the neighborhood spots.

View from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building
The pulsing of the city is what haunted me this morning as I awakened with my two gorgeous girls beside me.  For this NYC princess overnight turned back into the country bumpkin.  My city doesn't pulse it mostly sways.  I had never thought of it before.  Pulsing and swaying. This city sways every bending never breaking.

It made me think of my classroom and how I like my classroom to have the constant pulse like NYC.  Who new my teaching heart had already created NYC in the classroom.  That when you are lost you can stop and ask for help and everyone  is willing to help.  There are different places to catch your interest all throughout the room. A bright yellow wall that catches your eye (Thank you Jose!) Tons of books to keep your interest and inform.  Places to talk to your friends.  And of course a spot for us all to come together as a family and meet and greet and talk and giggle. Yes, this teacher giggles! 

Central Park
NYC has always been my dream and as I sat realizing that my dream was accomplished and wondering what lies ahead. My ever dreaming heart kept saying learning more, learning more, learning more.  But I know that dear old Oklahoma does not have the program I long for.  I would be settling. I yearn to learn from the experts in my field and more from those that are missed.  The ghost of the NYC princess haunts me and begs me to listen to her to go back.  She is pulsing in my mind and heart.

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  1. NYC is not a place I long to be but I love how you have embraced a longing. It was interesting to read how you feel your classroom reflects the pulse of the city. It makes me wonder whether my classroom pulses or sways,...salsa, tango, waltz, square dance?