Monday, July 9, 2012

Reasons to Write

Today as I was writing my letter to my "Welcome to 2nd Graders" summer class and pondering an email I needed to send. I don't particularly enjoy writing emails anymore.  In fact I rarely write them unless it's for a specific purpose such as for work or bills.

I can remember getting my first email address.  When all my "mail" so to speak was snail mail. And now all my mail is mostly spam in my email.

I can remember sending pages and pages of email and now I send lines and lines of text.

How I used to love to hear the sound of "You've Got Mail" and now it has been replaced with the sound of the tweet on the iPhone. 

Time changes things. 

It's the same way I suppose in my life as a writer.  I have times where I feel very inspired to write and have filled writer's notebooks quickly and with urgency.  Then it seems that my life takes a different spin and I can't find the words to put on paper.  They are stuck.

Time changes things.

As I begin to write again with a new fervor, I find myself finding dreams and thoughts hidden and I'm not afraid this time to expose and discuss them. I don't know what makes it safe this time around, but as I fill the pages of my writer's notebook I am looking forward to the new things that time allowed.


  1. You're right about the way we're notified: from a "you've got mail" to a chirp or a tweet on our smart phones. Time really does bring about changes.

  2. Maybe writing is different for you now because you don't need to write as many of those long work emails anymore - you can focus on the writing you want to do.
    Whatever the reason, enjoy your new fervor for writing.

  3. Good for you for waiting until the time is right. Also good for you for making the most of this time.

  4. Electronic mail has certainly changed my life. While most of my e-mail seems to be business oriented these days, (because I don't use Facebook for contact,) I do love the quick writes I get from siblings and friends that never would have happened in the past.