Monday, July 30, 2012

Memoir Monday: The Hudson

Many people think of NYC as mostly steel buildings, honking of the taxi cab horns, no greenery, and swarms of people.  But, when I think of NYC, I will always think of my last night there walking along the Hudson River. 

The wind rushed across the water and created an aquatic breeze.  The lights of the city danced on the water and seemed to twinkle knowingly at you as you gaze over the water.  Looking up and down the walkway were couples talking, laughing, and who knows what they were thinking.

As we continued to walk I was able to listen to all the rich history of the friend I had made the day before.  He described some of the events that had taken place along this stretch of walkway, like the landing of the plane that we all had seen on television a few years ago.  The George Washington Bridge was off in the distance lit up and it took my breathe away.  But more than that I loved listening to this person describe his love for the city of his childhood.

Ellis Island is located in NY. Years ago  my family years ago came there before trudging across the Appalachians, crossing the Mississippi, and staking their claim in Oklahoma.  Southerners always claim to be the friendliest in the land, but I will say this New Yorkers are honest, they will help out anyone, and they aren't fake.  (Which I love!) They tell it like is and expect you to do the same.  

NYC is a magical place.  It has Central Park, the Empire State Building, but more than that it's the people who live there who love their fair city.  Jokingly I had asked him if he was a tour guide in his spare time, but then he said, "It's civic pride."  Who wouldn't be proud of such a city with it's history.  NYC is so accepting of everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, you are welcome. 

The greatest parts of our lives are when we meet people who change them, even if it is briefly.  I firmly believe that people are brought into our lives for different purposes.  It is our responsibility to do with it what we will and hopefully grow from it.  That night led me to down a path I had been refusing  for different reasons. But, I don't want to live my life with regrets anymore. 

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