Friday, December 7, 2012

Crazy Thing Called Love

What is love exactly?  With the divorce rate the way it being one of those statistics.  What is love?  Does it exist?  Where do you find it...exactly?

In college I was told, "Honey, you are the type of girls men marry...not the kind they date."  Hmmm...okay?  So where does that leave me now as a 34 year old single woman who is almost 35. Sigh.   I guess in neither column?

The men out there that are datable fall into the following categories.

1)  We should get married!!

My second date after being single was with Mr. Let's Get Married Now.  We went to a local restaurant...full of life!  After our queso arrived, he looked at me with all seriousness and says, "Lynnelle, I honestly believe we are meant to get married.  My ex-wife's name was Lynnette and you are Lynnelle.  I mean how can that be wrong?"

Was he serious?  I suddenly had an urgent call from the babysitter and needed to leave.

2)  18 Shots in Less Than Hour

My date with this man started with, "How old are you 12?"  Okay, I may use make up, exfoliant, and moisturizer, but really?  He then commenced to drink 18 shots of jaiger in less than hour.  Good bye, Mr. Alcoholic.

3)  The Player

You know this guy.  The HOTT, tall dark, and handsome kind.  The kind who woo you with words and their intelligence.  Only to say see ya when you tell them you like them.  Not that you want to get married or get serious, but just that you think they are funny, cute, and can carry on an intelligent conversation.

So where does that leave a single girl?

Alone, but happy that I'm not stuck with one of these three losers...umm people. 

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