Monday, December 31, 2012

Be OK Today

So in July, I posted about being broken and how life turns you into this crazy mosaic of pieces that we gently cement back together through time.

Today as I was reflecting on a few things,  I discovered that maybe I just need to Be Ok.  Ingrid Michaelson sings a song by this title.   When I  was introduced to this song I focused on the line about giving back the broken parts.  I realized  that really that isn't me anymore.  I am past that.  Thank goodness... I just want to "be ok, feel something today, and I {really do}know that I will be okay"

My OLW is jump, I want to jump out of my box.  I don't want to be stuck.  I'm sick and tired of my own excuses of staying in the same spot.

Being broken is  my past.  I don't expect life to be perfect because frankly there is no such thing as perfect.  But,  have been given a beautiful life.  I am here for now.  Each day that I am given should be lived. And everything will truly be okay. I just need to quit over thinking things and just live today for today.

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