Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 OLW

One Little Word to live by has been a tradition for me...usually, but last year I took a year off. I was teaching at a new school and my 2nd graders weren't going to do it,  so I thought I would take a year and really try to get into our new routines.

I really think 2012 was about new things...traveling, meeting new people,  and finish getting me to a good safe place.

Now that I am at that point, I think my word is "JUMP."  It's time to start taking risks again.  Even if it doesn't go exactly as I planned that doesn't really mean anything...maybe it was part of the plan, just not mine. Living in a little protected bubble isn't going to help me achieve what I want so here I go. Cheers to a year of taking risks!!

JUMP:  verb
to spring into the air
to start out or forward
to move energetically  

 So here I go... 

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