Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Truth

The truth seems to catch people off guard.  It surprises me still when people choose to lie.  When people choose to say hurtful things that serve no other purpose than to wound.

I think what truly amazes me the most that even after all our years in the journey called life some adults still expect perfection.  The will say "we are all a work in progress,"  but when life gets dirty messy, and dramatic.  When one decides to say ok I will put the walls down they make a demand: Perfection. 

Perfection what a silly word to apply to people becuase to be honest....we all like to watch the hot mess of life.  We like to solve through the problems 

So what is the truth about me? I am a hot mess!!  I am in love with 21 second graders who remind me each day that life is wonderful, amazing, and beautiful.  I am a crazy woman in a blended family who really likes her ex's new wife.   I am the perfectionist trying to show her six year old that mistakes happen and we survive.  I am NOT perfect!  I am a so glad I am the stinkin' hott mess that I am...because let's face's not boring and usually filled with laughter.

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