Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fabulousness at the Bowling Alley

First dates are interesting.  Well, at least I think so.  I'm not really nervous...more excited about what might happen and where it might go.  This first date was at a bowling alley.  I admitted straight up that at a real bowling alley I kinda stunk at bowling. But, who cares.  I arrived at what I thought was the entrance.  I knew he was there, but he still hadn't walked through the front doors.  And I get text, "Are you wearing a red shirt?" I turn around and he's been watching me text my last minute peeps that went along the lines of, "If you don't here from me in two hours call the popo." I immediately laugh and try to crawl out of my embarrassing hole.

It was a little while before we finally got a lane to bowl in so we chatted and then a lane became available.  We were seated next to a family with three girls.  They were adorable little care free bundles of joy to watch and talk to.  He and I were including them in our conversation. Well, actually the 8 year old heard him say,"I really am not trying to beat you at bowling...I don't want you to have to pay for dinner."  I laughed and replied, "Well, I'm much better at Wii bowling...score a strike every time."

Then I hear this little voice ask, "Are you two dating?" I turn and gaze into her chocolate brown eyes and giggle, "Well, actually this is our first date."

"Oh, no wonder you look so fabulous at a bowling alley!!!" she exclaimed.

I burst out laughing while her  horrified mother tried to shush her.  I mean I did have my big Texas hair going on, perfumed up, with full makeup, and jewelry.  I did happen to leave the pumps at home, but regardless if I go on a date with him again.  I will forever know I am FABULOUS because an 8 year old told me so.

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