Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's a Creepin'

35. Wow! In the words of my BFF's hubby I am half way to 70. Excellent!

Five years ago when I turned the big 30 I was facing raising two little ones as a single mom and found myself in a place that I never thought I'd be. So the question I have really begun to ask myself is where do I go from here?

The last five years have brought about lots of change: a divorce, a new job, and new people in my life.  So, really doesn't 35 sound pretty good?

I am in a good place.  I am surrounded by people who care for me.  I am jumping each chance I get.  (Jump is my one little word to live by for 2013) So really what do I have to fear?  Fear cannot control a person indefinitely.  We need to refuse to allow it to control our decisions.  I refuse to allow it in my life. PERIOD!

When I look at the first month of 2013 and I see what wonderful things have happened, I really can't say that 35 is creeping up on my like my wrinkles.  35 has knocked me over and said, "It is time to live your life."  So....

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