Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SOLC--It's the Little Things

I love my job. I love watching kids grow themselves as readers and writers, but I know I am missing out on watching my own kids grow.  Today as Emma and I came home with fries in hand from Mickey D's we heard Gracie playing in the backyard. I told Emma to go on outside and I put the "pile-o-stuff" from the day away.  Within in seconds I hear a small voice excitedly saying, "My mommy's here!! She's really here!! I love her and miss her!!"

My heart literally skipped a beat as I turned and eneveloped my Gracie goose girl.  She grabbed with all of her mighty might and kissed my face, "I love you Mommy! Miss you!"  She squeezed me and then told me to go play outside.

I miss her too when I'm gone. I hope my girls will understand when they are older that sometimes Mommy's work, but we make the most of it when I'm home!!!


  1. She'll understand. All kids do.

    I recall my father getting home from work nightly around 6 or 6:30 (sometimes later when I was in high school). I missed him so much, but now, as an adult, I realize why he had to work and appreciate all that he did for me.

    At some point, Gracie will come to this realization (and will probably love you even more as a result).

  2. I love hearing Gracie's voice in my head as I read your story - of course her voice sounds a lot like my children's voices! Their love for us is so fierce isn't it!