Saturday, September 4, 2010

Data Driven Instruction

Do you know how to take the guess work out of instruction? Using Douglas Reeves' work to support my formal and informal assessments allows me to know exactly where each and everyone of my students are on the curriculum continuum. There is no reason to make "guesses" as to where my students are on their educational journey.  Making data decisions is easy using a variety of formal and informal assessments.
  • STAR reading scores
  • exit cards
  • reading conferences
  • writing conferences
  • grade level rubrics
  • using classroom work to decide the next day's lessons
My assessments are ongoing and mostly informal. My two formal assessments are the STAR reading scores and the grade level rubric. This data will help you understand where your students are and where they need to go. So take the guess work out of the next day's lesson and use data driven instruction!

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