Thursday, May 26, 2016

Writing Time

There are so many times I've thought in the last few years, I need to write again. I need to put my ramblings, musings, and thoughts down. 

The last three years my role changed from a classroom teacher to a special education teacher.  With this role change, my time in certain areas decreased  became focused on reading.  I've been reading and working on conferring and small group instruction.

In January, I began working on writing with a few kids in an intervention group.  How I missed walking though the steps of writing and ending with a true piece from the heart.

Today, as I was perusing Facebook I saw an obituary of a wonderful professor who taught me my words are important even if I don't stick to the true and tried system of writing:  thesis statement, detail, detail, detail, concluding statement.  He planted a seed of belief that my stories in my life were important.  Once I became a teacher and began working with Donald Graves and Lucy Calkins' ideas about writing. It truly changed me as a writer.  But, it all began with Jim Wilcox when he let me write from the heart.  Thank you.  

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