Friday, July 1, 2011

SOL-Where is God?

Often in our lives we see God.  In rainbows. In a hushed silence. Or an unexpected phone call from a friend at just the right time.  However, this week has been one of those weeks that started with “Where is God?”  I’ve lost several loved ones in my 33 years and they followed an illness of some kind.  This week my loss was unexpected and shocking.  People shouldn’t be gone having lived only 36 years of their life.  People who are good people shouldn’t suddenly be GONE.   When I heard the news that my cousin had been killed in an automobile accident my mind began repeatedly saying Where is God?.  The same question echoed in my ears 5 days later as we attended his memorial service.  Where is God and why if he is so omnipotent did this happen?  Then I saw Him.  I saw Him in the waves of people who were lined up outside the chapel after it reached capacity.  He was there as I heard little cousins giggle and play.  I heard him in the words of my child say, “My Nae-Nae is sad and I want to go cheer her up.” Then running into Nae-Nae’s arms wrapping her in them as only a four year old can and planting a juicy kiss on Nae-Nae’s lips.  I found my answer.  No the answer did not take the pain of the loss way, but a little bit of peace fell for a short time. 

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  1. they always say i got to cheer up and go on.
    sometimes its so complicated.
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