Friday, April 1, 2011

10 Reasons I Should Write Each Day

10.  Writing each day allows me to try different types of genres.
9.  Writing each day allows for experimentation with words.
8.  Writing each day led me to conversations about my writing and others writing.
7. Writing each day provided me to look each day in the face and ask, "Will I document this today?"
6.  Writing each day stretched me as a writer.
5. Writing each day was easy on some days.
4. Writing each day was hard on some days.
3. Writing each day led to discovering truths about myself.
2.  Writing each day led to discovering more about others.
1. Writing each day became more about getting parts of me on a page and less about writing each day.


  1. I like this list especially #'s 7, 2 and 1. Nice to have connected with you, I look forward to more reading and writing!

  2. I especially like #6 and #3. Stretched is a good word- I always fall back on referring to my "growth" as a writer, but sometimes being "stretched" as a writer is a more accurate description.

  3. Loved the countdown and my favorite is #1 where you wrote about getting parts of you on the page. That is kind of how I feel too.