Thursday, January 27, 2011

Building A Framework

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When builders begin they start with the foundation and steel beams to support the walls of a building. Writers do the same with words.  We use a framework to guide our ideas so they make sense and blossom into the message to the reader.  Essay writing is organized. It must be structured in such a way that the writer knows that each paragraph will support the main idea.

Thesis:  A claim or idea

One reason
Another reason

The framework  helps outline what the writer will be discussing. My students are allowed to choose a topic of their own. Then they create a thesis statement.

We also worked on an essay as a class. We decided we wanted to write about our school. I purposefully choice to keep the thesis statement simple for whole class instruction.  I also modeled with my own essay which had a more complex thesis statement.

Our school is fun.

  • One reason our school is fun is the teachers work hard to create lessons that are fun.
  • Another reason our school is fun is we have two teachers, one for language arts and socials studies and one for math and science.
  • And finally, our school is fun because we have many different choices on the lunch menu.
Without a framework it is difficult to begin essay writing.  This tool will end up being the base for all prompt writing that will happen one week prior to the Oklahoma OCCT.

How have you taught your students to frame their essays?

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