Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SOLC~Mommy Moments

Getting ready for parent teacher conferences, starting up new writing units, and getting grades finished leads to one tired mommy.  Tonight the girls and I were just playing. Giggling. Having fun. The girls dressed in their new fall pjs.  Hair drying from their bath.

"Mommy, C'mere."

"What do you have, Emma?"

"This." Emma points to a piece of paper that she has used at school. It has her first and last name on it along with Gracie's, Nana's, Papa's, and mine (Mommy).

"Hmmm..well what does this say?" I ask as I point to Emma's first name.

"Emma, " she states then she grins really big and points to her last name. "'Nowsbarger."

My mouth gaped open. I think she just read her last name. I squealed picked her up and twirled her around. "Say it again, Emma!"


My eyes fill with tears. She recognized her last name in print. Her difficult, long last name.  Gracie and I danced with Emma around the living room saying "Snowbarger, Snowbarger!"

These are things mommies are made of.


  1. How fortuitous that you were there to witness this special moment. I love the last paragraph because it really captures the moment of celebration and recognition and sweeps us up in the excitement, too!

  2. I love reading the slices about your girls. You capture them so beautifully in their writing. I hope you're printing these out and saving them to give to them one day when they're all grown up. They're a treasure.